The Indomitable Spirit and the LGBTQ Agenda

Hi.  I’m still here somehow…

Since it’s creation, I have struggled to find a true direction for the Indi_Ker twitch streamNo, I’m not about to say that I have given up and it will never have a direction…

Well… I suppose it still doesn’t truly have a direction…

It now has a goal though.  That goal being to actively support multiple charities dealing with human rights, beginning with the National LGBTQ Taskforce.

Ever since realizing I was transgender, I have always felt as if it were too late for me.  Too late to make a change.  Too late to seek help in it.  To late to exist the way I feel I should, or even to exist at all. I am not saying that I was wrong.  I still feel that it is too late for me… to be helped by anyone other than myself directly.  It is not too late to help this nation as a whole, however, and do something to cure the sickness that is discrimination and hate.

Donate directly!
Using these links!

The National LGBTQ Taskforce is about spreading understanding throughout our nation, and a culture of accountability as it comes to treating LGBTQ people as, just that, people.  Now, that is just my basic understanding given a bit of research on them and I endeavor not to explain their entire mission statement for them, but here is what they achieved the last couple of years: tf-annual-report-2015-2016.  Feel free to check out their site here or click the image above for the same!  What I do know is that I really want to help the people who feel as hopeless as I do right now, even if I can’t seem to help myself.  I want the idea that people should be disallowed to work, eat, sleep, or live due to their race, religion, gender/ gender identity, sexual orientation, or anything else inherent to their very being- to end.

People need to realize that there is no normal as it comes to the human condition.

There is the norm, and historically, the norm hasn’t always been such a great thing to be about…

So, what does The National LGBTQ Task Force have to do with my twitch stream?

Nothing…  Not as of yet.  Not until those first donations roll-in.

Hence forth, all donations (every single solitary cent) will go to organizations such as The National LGBTQ Task Force.  I imagine it will take quite a while for donations to begin coming in, but once it does happen, I will begin giving donators to the stream a choice of organizations, as I would like to find one that supports racial equality as its focus next.

As for what I get out of this… I see myself benefiting- along with the entire nation- every time one of these organizations succeeds in one of its goals.  Ultimately, I would like to maybe stream live from some of the events held by the group (this would be entirely self funded.)

The Future of KvG!

As a final note, I would like to drop a list of changes to the focus of the twitch stream:

  • Tickers/ trackers for total donations received, and also a tracker for how much I have personally saved toward certain goals.
  • Possibly being open about certain personal goals related to being transgender.
  • More of a focus on the types of games played.
  • Street Fighter V/ Injustice 2 and general fighting games training in an effort to one day become competitive enough to participate in the tournament scene/ stream from tournaments.  Even if I am not very good, it would be an opportunity to be in a more intimate place with the fighting game scene, and possibly stream/ post chats with those involved- including lesser known participants.
  • Certain RPG’s and sidescrollers because ❤
  • Host small fighting game “get-togethers”, not necessarily for the public at first, but it could grow and become a donation drive benefiting multiple charities.

That is all I’ve got for now.

My vision and focus have shifted, and I can only hope that the world sees fit to give me another chance to see these things done.  If not, so long, farewell, alvitazen, good-bye.  Either way, I feel like I’ve changed yet again, for better or worse.

Until next time, enjoy these State of the Movement addresses found on the National LGBTQ Task Force site.

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The Indomitable Spirit and the Ker Bear

Happy Monday.

I’m back today to tell you about a new page on the site, as well as a new campaign I am running.

I’ve done quite a lot of explaining today, so I’ll allow most of these things I have already written to save me the time.  In essence, I’m at the end of my rope.  I have a final spark in me and I am using it to mayhaps light a flame.

Check out what I mean on the new KER v GAMES! page, and furthermore, on the KER v GAMES! GoFundMe page.  Everything is explained there, and I’m just plain exhausted right about now…


What is a Ker?:

In Greek mythology, the Keres /ˈkɪrz/ (Κῆρες), singular Ker /ˈkɜːr/ (Κήρ), were female death-spirits. The Keres were daughters of Nyx, and as such the sisters of beings such as Moirai, who controlled the fate of souls and Thanatos, the god of peaceful death. Some later authorities, such as Cicero, called them by a Latin name, Tenebrae, or the Darknesses, and named them daughters of Erebus and Nyx.  (Taken from Wikipedia.)



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The Indomitable Spirit and the Bloodstained Princess

Welcome back.

I yet live.


I feel like the universe has been attempting to show me the error of my ways…  I have been away from this blog, and away from my “career” as a writer.  I have been trying to compromise.  I’m going to truncate this explanation in favor of introducing the content I have for you today.

“Something is not right.”

I am slowly returning to a project that was, and still is, inextricably linked to my eternal soul… or something.  The tale follows a princess.  She has a problem- a curse- that has threatened to turn her life into a living hell.

The story I have for you is taken from some extras I was preparing for a special edition of the completed novel. It is a diary entry by the princess, regarding an experience from her childhood.  I had planned to have quite a few of these injected into the main text, not only from the princess’s point of view, but from that of those acquainted with her.


So, without further ado, this is The|Anomalous|Girl.

Also, if your interest in the princess has been stoked, head over to the library to enjoy The Port and the Storm (free, of course,) a short story occurring before the events of the main novel.



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Time for a new short story…

Hello hooligans…

Wait.  Hooligans?  Are you…?  Oh well.  I am here to present, not the next entry in the Rainfall series, but a stand alone short story.  I don’t really have much to say about it.

There is one quick note I will give you: it is not 200 pages.  It wound up being… 5858 words ( 😉 )  The story has multiple endings, and I really prefer that anyone reading not have the ability to just flip page by page through each ending.  Choose an ending, and then go back and choose again via my handy-dandy embedded hyperlinks.  That’s all for this section of the site.

If you’re interested, there may be some photos posted, as well as a new diary entry in The evolution of Hope.  I’m not sure yet.  We’ll see.

Alright.  That’s all for me.  Click through the image below for a free pdf of Catalina(s)!


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The Grounded Kite and The Evolution of Hope

Gazing on the Hope Well

a poem

I stand there staring vacantly,

wobbling, and savoring,

uncertainty is flavoring the precipice of hope;

 I see her staring back at me,

not judging, only questioning,

her face mirrors my longing to embrace my precious hope;

I stumble, disappointingly,

falling back and wondering,

how long must I be parted from my one and only hope?

And then I realized, sheepishly,

suddenly, stupendously,

she’s always been here with me, oh my shining ray of hope;

I wish to love her endlessly,

fully, unabashedly,

and rush to her resplendently- seek comfort in my hope;

I dive into her recklessly,

the vacancy envelopes me,

I fall alone through saccharine truth, embraced by bitter hope.

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