Freelance Commissions

This is where you go to make a request.  I specialize in creative writing, but I can also throw on a graphic design hat for you, if need be.  Do you need a new avatar for your twitter account?  A banner maybe?  Some steamy Star Trek fan fiction…?  Just let me know through the form below, or email me directly at:

with the subject line “TGKI Commision.”

That being said, please be as thorough as possible with the information you provide as it will ensure a quicker turnaround, and essentially help me to decide if I am the person for the job.  If I do turn out to be an odd fit, there are some others I can put you in contact with that may be better!

*Payment is handled through this link, which sees the funds to me through paypal.  Unless a sum can be agreed upon beforehand, the work will not be undertaken.  Included in the negotiations will be a down payment.  This fee is non-refundable- the sum of which being agreed upon beforehand-  it will not to exceed 50% of the payment for the undertaken commission.  I don’t work for free, and neither should you.
Just to re-state things more clearly: say the commission is $50.  We agree that $10 of that fifty will be sent to me for taking and completing the job.  The remaining forty is sent after you decide the work is satisfactory… so I’m still kinda screwing myself here…
**The copyright for the completed work will be retained by The Grounded Kite Initiative unless the patron requests otherwise.


Types of work tackled:

  • Poetry/ haiku/ etc.
  • Creative Prose (of any kind)
  • Banner creation
  • Offline images (Twitch)
  • Avatars
  • Logo design
  • and more…!

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