Suicide&Serendipity (volume one)

A.H. Literature and The Grounded Kite Initiative
Copyright 2013-2016 [anchorite]hope

Where to start…  This book took quite a while to make it to the public, mostly because it did not begin as an attempt to write a book.  It simply started as a story I wanted to write.  Amidst a flood of emotion and confusion, this story was born and reborn, until it became… that which it is.

Erii is me.

His fear, during a childhood as a lab rat.  His disappointment, in a life as custodian to those powers which had tormented him so.  His elation, in finding power within himself.  His search, for a freedom he had only ever imagined.

Nital is me.

Her alienation- as she comes into her own- in a world unknown to her.  Her joy, as she holds fast to the only source of stability in her new life.  Her horror, as she realizes all that she has lost.

Amelia is me.

Taliah is me.

Tessa, Alice, Cora, Miloro… all of them.  They are all manifested from parts of myself, and I hesitate to go into details, as there are plenty of plot points to spoil.  I mean, I already spilled a bit of a hint as to why things end the way they do with Nital.

Now on to the synopsis:

suicide&serendipity is the tale of an ex-lab rat with a weary heart.  Forced to continue a life he only wishes to end, he goes on a journey to find a reason to live.  He wades through the muck, finding comrades therein, searching desperately for a means to rise above it all.  Even as he desires only to leave that which he was behind, elements from his past are continually dropped into his path- though, he rarely recognizes them as such.  With the help of a girl from another world, and various others, he finds the will to fight on, even as the state of the world slowly degrades.

The first in a series of three novels, it is truly only the beginning.  That being said, I have found a renewed vigor to continue the series, so look forward to hearing more soon.

Enjoy, book worm babiesIt is free after all.

Link to PDF:

suicide&serendipity (Volume One)

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