Rainfall 4th of July Extra: Trans

Happy 4th, those of you that celebrate it!

I figured this would be as good a time as any to unveil a story that just kind of came out of the ether.  As with most of the tales I envision, this one popped up when I was doing something completely unrelated.  I whipped out a post it, jotted it down, and continued about my business.  It was clearly a Rainfall kind of story, but it doesn’t really have a numerical place in the progression of things.

The Feel

I’m not quite sure I’ve nailed the feel I was going for in this one, but rather than front load your experience with all that I believe I have gotten wrong, I’d rather explain where I was coming from with this.  This is not a generalized story.  What I mean is: I, in no way, think that this is how a conversation of this sort goes every time the topic comes up.  Frankly, I never think that about anything I write.  I write the experiences of the characters that I envision.  I see how they feel, think, and act.  The only true story this is based upon, is the one playing out in my head.  So please don’t come at me because you see this as some rash generalization.  Again, in this fictional world, with these fictional people, this is how it went.

The Concept

I guess, at some point, I started to grow curious about whether a relationship could survive such a truth being shared.  I began wondering about the true dynamics of a relationship, and the dynamics of attraction.  How much of your attraction to someone (your crush, your lover, your spouse) is based on their gender?  How much is it based on their mind?  Would it matter to you if their gender suddenly changed, in a supernatural sense?  They would still be them, but would you shun them regardless?  How much does it matter that- to follow through with being yourself as a trans human being- you do have to make the choice to push forward?  The choice to push through everything telling you no, while your entire being is saying yes!  Is it a betrayal of your partner to be yourself, if your true self is not exactly the same- physically- as the person they met and fell in love with?

All questions that are constantly on my mind.  Being the way that I am, I don’t really have the typical stance with regard to these issues.  Gender isn’t an issue to me when it comes to a potential partner, so all I can really do is wonder while using my particular viewpoint to explore these topics through my writing.

May I Present…

So, here is what I came up with: the tale of a lovers quarrel over something completely inconsequential as far as their relationship is concerned.  Or is it the most important issue their relationship has faced since its beginning?  Your guess is as good as mine.  People are people, and experience is subjective.  Enjoy.

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