The Port and The Storm

A.H. Literature and The Grounded Kite Initiative
Copyright 2014-2016 [anchorite]hope

So, this little ditty came about while I was writing- what I’ve been calling- ASH BLACK Proper.  I believe I was in the middle of putting together the chapter called THE|TWENTIETH|PARTY and wanted to add a bit of substance to the dinner therein.  The main character, the Princess, tells the guests a story… this story.  It didn’t quite seem to suit the flow of the overall narrative, and as such, I decided early on that it would be a stand alone short story.

It is very strange, because this story has a very different feel from ABP, and it is slightly jarring for me.  I believe you can feel the Princess’ youth in this story and just how fresh she is to the situation at hand.  In ABP, that youth and vitality is quickly drained away, replaced only by a lingering weariness.

I tell you this :

THE PORT AND THE STORM IS NOT A PREVIEW FOR THE FORTHCOMING NOVEL BASED ON THE SAME CHARACTER.  This story was put together, from the beginning, as a completely separate experience.  Where this tale is referenced (only once blatantly, and then a couple more times fleetingly,) it is not told in ABP.

I just wanted to make that clear my little bookworms…

I’m keeping the synopsis short on this one:

A legion of horrible beasts has set upon the port town of Haddok.  A young knight, excited at an opportunity to be idolized as their hero, rushes in foolishly.  People die.  There is blood.  There is gore.


Link to PDF:


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